Where You Should Have Your Dumpster Rental Placed

You have made the decision to rent a dumpster and now it is time to prepare for your dumpster rental. Before your dumpster is delivered you should determine where you should have your dumpster rental placed to ensure maximum efficiency and also to avoid property damage. Circumstances of your environment will likely play a large role in where your dumpster is located for your project.

What to Look for When Deciding Where You Should Have Your Dumpster Rental Placed

Renting a dumpster for a home project will likely be a great benefit to you and your project; however, you may be struggling to find the right location to place the dumpster while you have it.

Let’s review what you should look for when deciding where you should have your dumpster rental placed:

  1. Centralized Location: When deciding where you should have your dumpster rental placed, you will want to find a centralized spot for your project where you are able to easily discard of items without blocking your route. Having the dumpster placed too far away from the main area could make the dumpster rental less convenient and will add time and effort to your disposal process.
  2. Enough Space: You should know the measurements of the dumpster and measure for and find the ideal location, prior to its delivery. You will want to be prepared for the dumpster size you selected, including height, width, and length.
  3. Maintain Visibility: Find an area to have the dumpster rental placed that still allows you access to entry and exit points of your property. You likely do not want your dumpster placed somewhere that blocks your view to your backyard, cars on the street, etc.
  4. Safe Areas: Find a place for your dumpster that will not interfere with anyone’s safety. If placed in the wrong location, your dumpster rental can cause a safety hazard. You should avoid high traffic areas and look for spaces that are out of the way of day to day activities.
  5. Solid Ground: Before selecting a location for your dumpster rental, you need to know what is underneath the area you are thinking to place it. Select an area with solid ground, because the weight of a dumpster could cause damage or a cave-in that can harm irrigation, sprinkler, plumbing, septic, and other systems and cause an expensive and messy problem.
  6. Flat Surface: Try to find a flat surface as the place to have your dumpster rental. An empty dumpster may rest fine on a sloped surface, but as weight is added to the dumpster, the potential of the dumpster slipping or sliding down a slope increases, so you will want to keep it as flat as possible.
  7. Your Own Property: Avoid placing your dumpster rental on your neighbors’ property or city streets. Every area and city has different guidelines for where a dumpster can and cannot be placed. Be sure you know the regulations for your city before having a dumpster delivered. Even if you have permission to place the dumpster on someone else’s property, it is recommended not to do so, in case something hazardous or harmful occurs.

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